When you "adopt" a child through Love INC, you are making Christmas special for a child in need that attends our own Suwannee County Schools.  These children are identified by their school as candidates for this program, Love INC contacts their parent or guardian to confirm their child should be on this list, and they list a "wish", a "need" and their clothing & shoe size for each child in that home.  You can choose to adopt 1 child or all the children living at that home. 

Here's the info we need from you: 

How many chiildren would you like to adopt?

If you chose more than 1 child above, would you like the children to all be from the same family?

Do you have a gender preference for the child(ren) you adopt?

What age group would you prefer for the child(ren) you adopt?

Your name:

If this is for a business, what is the name of the company?

Email address:

Phone # (please list personal AND business if this is for a company)